Anti-Racism in Sport

The Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign seeks to increase, promote, and engage in discussions on anti-racism in sport about the presence of all levels of racism in sport in Winnipeg and its impact on people’s lives, and raise awareness, address, and eliminate racism and discrimination experienced by First Nations, Metis, Inuit, Black, Racialized, and Religious Minority communities in sport in Winnipeg.
This campaign seeks to help people identify and disrupt all forms of racism through multiple activities that includes research, school presentations, stakeholder training, a public awareness campaign, and an Anti-Racism in Sport Accord.

Anti Racism in Sport Campaign Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Conference

January 22 and February 5, 2022

The Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign working group is proud to host a two-day free virtual conference on January 22 and February 5, 2022. The conference will run from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on each of those days. This conference will examine the perspectives, experiences and barriers that historically excluded groups experience in sport as well as some of the ways organizations can make sport more inclusive.

Anti Racism in Sport Campaign Research Report

December 15, 2021

A shared goal amongst the partners on the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign is to use research and education to develop tools to identify and disrupt racism in sport in order to address and eliminate barriers to sport participation for First Nations, Métis Nation, Inuit, Black, Racialized and religious minority communities in Winnipeg.

The research described in this report was conducted to inform the Campaign’s public awareness campaign, school presentations, training presentations and workshops, and the development of an Anti-Racism in Sport Accord. The research involved 12 online focus groups involving 39 participants who take part in sport in Winnipeg as athletes, coaches, officials and/or service providers. Through these focus group discussions, participants provided their insights via their lived experiences as members of Winnipeg’s sport community.

Public Awareness Video

December 7, 2021

This campaign video features Winnipeg athletes and sport stakeholders sharing their experiences with racism and their recommendations for how to take anti-racism actions in sport.


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Anti-Racism Takes Action!

How can we identify our own racial biases, racist beliefs, and racist practices in sport and actively become anti-racists? How do we commit to anti-racism in sport? Check out our Resources page and follow us on social media to learn how you can make sport a truly equal playing field in your community.