Statement: Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign (ARISC) is a recipient of the Canadian Race Relation Foundation’s National Anti-Racism Fund

Winnipeg (October 28, 2022) – The Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign (ARISC) is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of the recipients of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation’s 2022 National Anti-Racism Fund.

This funding is meant to support ongoing efforts to combat systemic barriers faced by Indigenous Peoples and Racialized communities, promote education and research, build public awareness on systemic racism, and foster intercultural community cohesion.

“On behalf of the Immigration Partnership Winnipeg, under which the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign operates, I offer heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the Canadian Race Relations Foundation’s support via the 2022 National Anti-Racism Fund” said Reuben Garang, Director, Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (hosted by Social Planning Council of Winnipeg) 

“Racism manifests itself in different ways in the lives of people across Canada. Grassroots groups are best placed to create local solutions to address racism in their own communities,” said CRRF Executive Director Mohammed Hashim. “We are pleased that the Foundation, with the support of the Government of Canada, could invest in their efforts and distribute funding to those who are at the forefront of making Canada more equitable for all.”

The Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign (ARISC)’s mandate is to identify, disrupt and eliminate the racism in sport in Manitoba experienced by First Nation, Métis Nation, Inuit, Black, Racialized and religious minority community members. 

Launched in April 2021 in Winnipeg, this funding helps to  extend and expand the campaign. Activities include training, support for the Anti-Racism in Sport Calls to Action Accord,, public awareness campaign, and development of a youth anti-racism in sport advisory committee.

For more information about the campaign and for resources, please visit: 

Government of Canada: We acknowledge the support of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation with funding provided by the Government of Canada.

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