Anti-Racism in Sport Accord

The Anti-Racism in Sport Call to Action Accord was developed from the findings of the Exploring Experiences of Racism and Anti-Racism in Sport in Winnipeg Research Project, and with advisement of the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign Accord Working Group and Advisory Committee.

Click on the following link to read the Accord document, which outlines Accord commitments and contains a partnership guide: Anti-Racism in Sport Accord.

Anti-Racism Policy Template

This template provides organizations with a guideline/template that would be helpful in creating their own anti-racism policy, whether choosing to create one from scratch or using the provided example as their own policy. Click on the following link to access the template: Anti-Racism in Sport Policy Template.

The Anti-Racism in Sport Calls to Action Accord was launched in Winnipeg on April 21, 2022.
View a recording of the launch:
About the Accord
The Anti-Racism in Sport Accord commitments are basic actions that require goals to guide organizations to becoming fully anti-racist. Seeking to continue to grow as an organization is a value that should be embedded into the organization while working towards their anti-racism goals. This will contribute to ensuring Winnipeg sport is a safe space for all.
Accord Commitments:

Education & Training

  1. Dedicate ourselves to continual learning about racism and anti-racism.
    • Yearly workshops provided at all levels, including coaches, referees, participants, board members and staff.
    • Support and empower officials to address racist behaviours from players, fans, coaches and other officials.


  1. Enforce, embed and uphold a zero tolerance anti-racism policy, a statement as part of the vision in our organization.
    • To address every instance of racism.
    • To create an internal reporting mechanism for racist instances.
    • To record instances of racism within the organization.

Awareness & Action

  1. Work together to create safe and inclusive spaces for all First Nation, Métis Nation, Inuit, Black, Racialized and religious minority communities in Winnipeg.
    • Collect race-based data annually within our organization: participants, coaches, referees, board members and staff.
    • Seek to have more representation at all levels.
    • Fund anti-racism programming and opportunities at all levels within the organization.
    • Be an anti-racism leader and advocate within our sport system for change.

Overall recommendation: The signatories encourage the creation and use of an independent third-party reporting mechanism to collect data on instances of racism, and advocate for appropriate, measurable, and timely addressing of the issues.